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Caldine Fashion is a clothing line specialized in designing, custom clothing,accessories & beauty products.All our products are designed, hand-made/ crafted by  Caldine Fashion Team. We are located in Toronto Ontario, Canada. Our website portrays a wide variety of products. Our website also showcases our previous designs on our album tab. Connect with us on our social media platforms by clicking on the icons  ⬇️ 

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All our products can be customized to match your needs in other to have a better fitting.  If you know your size or want to customize any of our products, contact us for details and we will be happy to assist you.




We design and custom all types of male clothing and accessories. Our fabrics are 100% authentic. We make sure we scout for the best fabric. Most of our designs and fabrics are limited in supply. If there is anything we are proud of, it’s the fact that most of our inspired designs and fabrics can’t be found once they are out of stock. This, therefore, means you will probably be the only one with such a design and fabric. Each of our products has detail information about the design, features, and fabric used. Let us know if you will want to downsize or upsize any features on our already made designs and we will be glad to customize it as you want before pick up or shipment .


We pay attention to details, quality, class, and Style. We work tirelessly to bring out the best designs. Rocking Caldine Fashion is a guarantee you wouldn’t look regular. It’s time to look Unique. Our products are designed for all seasons. We design suits for special occasions such as Weddings, Prom,Graduations, Birthday Parties. You deserve the best in your for your special day. We know sometimes it’s difficult to know the exact size when it comes to placing an order online for our already made products, We got you covered !! Book and get a free measurement taken, refer to our size chart.

PS- for our customers located in Canada around the GTA area, they can always contact us for their measurement or to see what we currently have in stock at our location in Scarborough Ontario.




Our female designs are incredibly unique, beautiful & made with love for Fashion. Blend with contemporary society and African-style outfits we are proud to make our women look bold and beautiful. We design a wide variety of female clothing such as  Gowns, Skirts, Tops, etc.We have ready-made dresses. Check our available ready-to-wear female designs in our women category. Our custom-made department will be happy to help customize any dream design you have in mind. Connect with us! We are just a click away!




Let's bring your design to life. For all our customized clothes please ensure to contact us with detailed instructions on how you will want it done. For example, color, size, feature, design, etc. It will take up to 2 to 7 days to complete your order keep in mind it might be more depending on our workload and other factors. Any factor affecting the production time will be communicated to you by our team ahead of time. We are available 24/7 to discuss your desired design. We understand some of our customers have their personal fabrics .We can use your own fabric to design whatever you have in mind.


For more information about Customized orders contact us through our customer service live chat or @



We have wigs for retail and wholesale at affordable prices. These Wigs are customized by our Hair Stylist . We have all categories of Synthetic, Human Hair, and Braided Wigs. Our wigs are designed with durable and popular brand names like X- Pression, Super Star, etc. Check available wigs currently listed on our site wigs category.

 We do understand searching for a particular design or style, color, and length that will fit your needs might be a hassle,Do not worry we got you !!!! We will customize your wigs just the way you want., it will take 5 -10 days to complete your order This time depends on the type of wig. Please contact us for your customized wigs @


Thanks so much for your time !! We look forward for your ORDER !!!!


We are just a click a way ! connect with us 

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